Internship: It is a way of working that enables you to apply the knowledge you have learned in your academic life in the business world (in practice). In this way, it is aimed that students who are about to complete their education will adapt to business life and improve their skills.

By the way; Internship is not just for high school or university graduates. Anyone who wants to make a career change or to get a profession from scratch can do an internship. Because looking at the internship as a necessity is a mistake in itself. Internship is an opportunity, so if it is spent productively, it will provide serious benefits to the intern.

What Interns Need to Pay Attention to in order to spend the internship period productively


1- Before waiting for the time to shrink to do an internship, research should be started and the doors of corporate companies should be forced as much as possible.

2- Internship should not be viewed as a necessity, but as an opportunity for development and adaptation.

3- While doing your internship, it is useful to show that you are willing to take responsibility without waiting for someone to give you a task, by holding the end of various jobs.

4- It may be the first time that you are doing a real job. Even if business life seems tiring for you at first, you should never compromise your work discipline. Make sure to go to work on time and in proper attire.

5- Do not be in the mood to go even if the working hour is full. Exploit knowledge with the thought of what I can do, what I can learn today.

6- Analyze the links. Who is in communication with whom, how people want work from each other, what methods are used in which subjects, how the flow of work is ensured… be a good follower and have your eyes opened

7- Try to get yourself a role model during the internship. Communicate abundantly with people whose behavior and position you like. Let them give you advice and guidance.

8- Save the contact information of your colleagues and provide your own contact information. It may come in handy for you in the future.

What Advantages Does Internship Provide to Employer and Intern?

When employers recruit the right intern, they engage in an inexpensive observation process to work with them for a long time. It can get some work done for a fraction of the salary that an adult would have to pay to do extra small jobs at the firm. They contribute to education and realize one of their social responsibilities.

Interns, on the other hand, have the opportunity to meet individuals from the business world. As they have work experience, they are enabled to choose the area they want to focus more comfortably. If he likes the company he is doing his internship and wants to continue working in that company, he will have more priority than a candidate who will apply from outside. Individuals who do not want to stay in the company where they do their internship or do not have the opportunity to stay, when they apply to other companies, “Do you have work experience?” have the luxury of answering the question affirmatively. Work experience is asked in all job interviews and generally experienced candidates are preferred. Having more or less work experience for a certain period of time is an important advantage.

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